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THE GHOST TRAIN by Arnold Ridley;

Audition dates: August 23 & 24, 2021 | 6:30PM – Production dates: Oct 15th -Oct 31st , 2021

Director: Linda Sturdivant

Synopsis: A long running success in London and on Broadway and packed with thrills, chills and
laughter. In Maine near the Canadian border there’s a legend of a phantom locomotive
sweeping through a peaceful village leaving death in its wake. Rum and narcotic runners use
this and the villagers’ superstition to their advantage but a not as incompetent as he seems
detective clears up the mystery of the specter and attendant deaths. His seemingly silly actions
result in the apprehension of the evildoers and the little village, and its station are finally at
peace. For sheer, creeping mystery, it’s a play without a peer.

Auditions will be an open call and will consist of cold readings from the script.

Casting 4 women and 7 men

  • RICHARD WINTHROP (Male) A businessman, outspoken, a natural leader, a calm head,
    takes control and sees common sense prevail. He’s married to Elsie, the marriage isn’t
    going well, and they are looking for a fresh start apart.
  • ELSIE WINTHROP (Female) Richard’s wife is not easily frightened and in a marriage
    that is falling apart.
  • SAUL HODGKIN (Male) The station-master and general factotum of the station staff. He
    clearly doesn’t want anyone to stay, and happily relates a The Ghost Story.
  • CHARLES MURDOCK (Male) A good-looking young man in his mid-twenties but has lost
    his job due to the 1920’s crash. He intends to leave England in a week to seek new work,
    leaving Peggy his new wife behind. Junior partner and expert engineer, in a failing family
    business. It’s his wedding night.
  • PEGGY MURDOCK (Female) A pretty girl in her 20s, just married that day to Charles. She
    clearly wanting to be at the hotel on her Honeymoon rather than stuck in the station.
  • MISS BOURNE (Female) An elderly lady, carrying a large parrot-cage with a concealed
    Parrot. She happily falls asleep in Act 2 and misses nearly all of Act 3. Wakes up only at
    the end of Act 3.
  • TEDDIE DEAKIN (Male) The harmless if annoying young man that strands everyone at
    the station. He is constantly cheerful and tries to keep the whole party going. There is
    more Teddie than meets the eye.
  • JULIA PRICE (Female) A seemingly disturbed woman, terrified and haunted by The
    Ghost Train that she witnessed the previous year.
  • HERBERT PRICE (Male) An elderly, clean-shaven man, in evening dress. A relative of
    Julia, comes looking for her with John Sterling anxious to find her.
  • JOHN STERLING (Male) Introduces himself as a doctor, a friend of Herbert both wanting
    to find Julia and take her away from the station. Both are surprised to see others at the
  • JACKSON & SMITH (Male) Detectives who help apprehend the villains of the play.


Adapted from the 1947 Lux Radio Broadcast.

By: Lance Arthur Smith

Audition Dates: Sept 27 & 28, 2021 @ 6:30PM – Show Dates: Dec 3-19,2021

Audition dates are subject to change.

When a department store Santa claims he’s the real Kris Kringle, his case gets taken all the way
to the Supreme Court, and a little girl’s belief makes the difference in the ‘miracle.’ With live
Foley effects and a score of holiday carols, Miracle on 34th Street is a beloved musical that will
melt even the most cynical of hearts.

Casting: 3 Women, 5 Men, 1 Girl to play age 10 


  • KRISTOFER VAN LISBERG as KRIS KRINGLE: Santa Claus. Non-singing
  • CORDELIA RAGSDALE as DORIS WALKER: Macy’s PR expert. Alto/mezzo-soprano C4-C#5
  • GRACIE DEMARCO as SUSAN WALKER: Her precocious daughter (Age 8). C4-C5
  • GRADY WILLIAMS as FRED GAILEY: Lawyer. In love with Doris, Baritone/tenor Bb3-G4

ENSEMBLE CHARACTERS/sing in the quartet and play a variety of characters.

  • 1 Woman: Various. Versatile. Soprano
  • 1 Woman: Various. Versatile. Alto
  • 1 Man: Various. Versatile. Tenor
  • 1 Man: Various. Versatile. Baritone

DRUNKEN SANTA, SHELLHAMMER: Macy’s PR man, R.H. MACY: Owner of the department store, ALFRED:
Kris’ coworker, SAWYER: Stuffy head of the personnel department, MISS PRONG: His secretary,
MOTHER: Thick NY accent. Shopper, MORTIMER: Her son. Wants toys, GIRL: Also wants toys, 2ND
MOTHER: Girl’s mum, DR. PIERCE: Psychiatrist and friend to Kris, GIMBEL: Owner of Gimbels, Macy’s
hated rival, NURSE: At Bellevue Hospital, JUDGE: Hard as granite, CHARLEY: Judge’s friend, an Irish
priest, THOMAS MARA: Prosecuting attorney, MRS. MARA: His wife, TOMMY: Their son, POSTMAN:
Jovial, knows the denizens of NYC well, VARIOUS REPORTERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, CROWD