Board of Directors

Briana Chu Recording Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator
Joleen Conner Member
Steven Ellis Vice President
Karen Gallagher Treasurer
Carol Jones Board Member
Barbara Kelly Costumer Coordinator
Irene Lemay Fundraising Coordinator
Elizabeth Mantis Board Member
Mark J. Nahorney President
Valerie Nahorney Box Office Manager
Morgan Stoner Facility Manager
Linda Sturdivant Artistic Director
James (Tad) Williams II Bar Manager

Artistic Director


linda markArtistic Director Linda Sturdivant has a BS in Theater/ Education from the University of Southern Maine. She taught theater and was the drama coach at Rockland District High School from 1982-1988. She is the Regional Fine Arts Theater instructor for York County, and is a judge in the High School One Act Festivals.

Before coming to City Theater, Linda was a freelance director working in community theaters in the southern and western part of the state for over 20 years. Linda lives in Standish with her very understanding husband, three Labrador Retrievers and a variety of grand dogs.

Photo by Audra Hatch Photography: Artistic Director Linda Sturdivant and Board President Mark Nahorney