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wizardsnipTHE WIZARD OF OZ
Show dates: July 21-August 6, 2017
Audition dates: April 17 & 18 | Children 4:30-6:00 PM | Adults 6:30 PM
Director: Linda Sturdivant
Music Director: Kevin Smith
Choreographer: Mariel Roy

Children’s Auditions
We understand that for a lot of children they may not have auditioned much if at all before. Here is what we are expecting: They should come prepared to sing a short piece from something they know well. It is very helpful if they bring their own sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. A Capella and karaoke auditions are discouraged. There will also be a dance audition. They should be dressed comfortably. They do not need to have a dance background, but be ready to try out new things and to have some fun.

Adult Auditions
Auditioners should come prepared to sing 35 bars of a musical theater piece. Please bring your own sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Be prepared for a dance audition. The non-singing parts of the Elmira Gultch (The Wicked Witch) and The Professor (Wizard) will be asked to do cold reads from the script.

Casting 3 principal females and 5 principal males, plus a large adult ensemble and a children’s ensemble.

Dorothy Gale
Glinda (doubles as Aunt Em/Emily Gale)
Scarecrow (doubles as Hunk — a farmhand)
Tinman (doubles as Hickory — a farmhand)
Lion (doubles as Zeke — a farmhand)
Emerald City Guard (doubles as Uncle Henry/Henry Gale)

Miss Almira Gulch (doubles as Wicked Witch of the West)
Professor Chester Marvel (doubles as Wizard of Oz)

Jitterbugs – dancers
Munchkins Nikko — commander of monkeys
Beauticians & Manicurists & Polishers
Three Crows — male trio
Three Trees — female trio

The folk of Munchkinland
Munchkin Mayor
Munchkin Coroner
3 Munchkin Tots
3 Tough Munchkin Kids

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